By Arachne

My phone conundrum: since I cracked my phone's screen I've spent hours reading up on possible replacements, looking particularly at camera specs. It turns out that I can't afford any that I want and I don't want any that I can afford. I started looking at refurbished phones until it dawned on me that I don't need to buy a broken phone that's been refurbished since I already own a broken phone that could be refurbished, so today I went to talk to people who know more than I do. 

Two different phone repair shops - not actually open but kind of click-and-collect behind half-closed shutters - gave me the same advice: don't give us lots of money to replace the screen, we'll fit a £10 screen protector for you and the phone will probably last another year. And one of them told me never to buy a refurbished phone: its outside has been cleaned up and its inside contains low quality replacement parts that won't last. It feels good to have a lot of the options removed.

This evening my very lovely and creative XR affinity group was online devising a Covid-appropriate action. At our last few meetings none of us has felt able to get involved in anything disruptive or antagonistic and we've all supported each other in doing very little. But our laughter has provided a way through, which will come across in the placards I'm designing. All will be revealed in due course. Probably.

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