Nature Watcher

By NatureWatcher

It's twins!

It's been one of those changeable days alternating between wind with heavy showers and sun.  I set out in sun but it rained for my whole walk and the sun came out as I got a few yards from home.

The farmer across the road has a flock of sheep away from his farmhouse so always uses the farmhouse lawn for any ewe needing special help.

Since doing blip I've monitored when they arrive.  Yesterday I heard bleating coming from a barn but were not outside as the weather was terrible.  I checked Blip and last years came exactly one year to the day and it was triplets.

Today mum and the twins  were out on the lawn and I had a look as I set off for my walk.  I took photos when I arrived back, one was walking around on wobbly legs and feeding from mum.  The other lamb was in exactly the same position as when I set off and wasn't feeding.  I hope that it will be alright - at least the farmer will be able to keep an eye on it as it's close to home.   

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