By suehutton

Mummy Frog

Only last Monday I was bemoaning the lack of frog spawn in the pond thinking that the frogs had deserted us for the pond by the railway line. At least two haven't. They've been busy over the past few days. This photo is of Mummy, Daddy is an extra. He looks exhausted.

I believe the foam in the pond is the result of frog sexual activity. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

I have been a real couch potato today. The weather has not been inspiring. I couldn't even feel motivated to take Basil out. Len did the honours.

I have watched Singing in the Rain, the first time I have actually seen the film, and the end of Red River with John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff. Hornblower (Mutiny) is on at the moment.

I've taken two steaks out of the freezer. Had better go and cook dinner then.

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