By suehutton

Bradgate Park from Beacon Hill

Struggling to maintain the  mojo, I took Basil up to Beacon Hill, where he set off on one of his mad runs. He does like open space. You can see several counties from up the top but the landscape is subdued, except for the rocks on the hill itself.

The weather continued drear. It hasn't put the frogs off from filling our pond with the products of their coupling.

Did a quick event page for DIG. It's getting easier. Then to Sainsburys where I treated myself to the Indian takeaway I've been longing for. Some good products at Sainsburys, Charlie somebody chicken tikka masala with sides of veg masala, tarka dhal and onion bhajis.

Then the camera club tripartite print competition with Coalville and Ashby. Yes, prints, submitted as pdis.

Scoring was close with Coalville coming top, Ashby 2nd and Shepshed 3rd.

Yes, this is a back blip. Never mind.

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