By JennyOwen

Another ArtUK sculpture recording trip

Richard and I went out this morning to Crystal Peaks (never was a name less apt...) - a small shopping centre on the S/SE edge of Sheffield. It's set in the middle of sprawling housing developments that have grown up on the site of former mining villages.  There were 4 pieces of modern sculpture on my list to record for the ArtUK public art database, all of which must have been installed when the shopping mall and adjacent retail park were new.

We found them all.  The main picture is 'Drakes' Descent',  a piece by Walenty Pytel.   It adds grace and interest to an otherwise rather desolate car park, serving a range of large shops, all currently closed of course.

The extra shows 'Pinnacle' by Mike Lyons, designed as an abstract reference to the shape and intensity of a working steel furnace. The two concrete pieces nearby are the  'Pinnacle Seats' by Mike Johnson.  They're described as cushions carved from sandstone. To my complete delight, it was clear from our visit that they are indeed used and enjoyed as places to sit and chat. You can't see the detail at all in the extra photo, but each cushion has a bronze plaque inset at the centre, with images in relief provided by children at the local school.

The day was grey and featureless,  but the sculptures were a good discovery.

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