By YellowBalloon

A Busy Day

A bit of a busy day.  A trip to the tip first thing - it's about a year since we have been so we had a lot to take.  Only one person allowed out of the car so Mr YB had to do all of the lifting and carrying.  The system is that odd card numbers can go on one day and even numbers can go the next day.  There was a long queue of cars and we had to wait quite a while before it was our turn.  A car in front of us had an odd number (today was even numbers) and had to leave the queue after waiting for quite a long time.

Afterwards I walked to the village and went to see my sister who has recently moved into a flat in the village.  Obviously, I couldn't go into the flat so she came downstairs and we sat on some seats and had a nice chat.  Shopping in the village and then I came home via the churchyard (I seem to spend a lot of time in the churchyard) and spotted the crocuses among the gravestones).

Tidying up and chatting to a friend on the phone after lunch.  

Hope you had a good day.  The spring weather does help.

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