The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

What about me - take 2?

Rosie and Nibbler have come to terms with the fact that they have a new furry sister.

They are down and with us even when Phoebs is around which is good.

Work has been busy - as usual but some reasonably significant changes are afoot and there is going to be a lot of work on the way.

I took Phoebs to the park twice today due to Steve being out of action with his sore ankle.  It's clearly a bad sprain so I am hoping it is just that.

What else? I have taken some time off work so that I can focus on my last assignment for my MSc - sad that it's coming to an end and hoping I can get this last one in with little to no stress although I am already behind schedule.....  interesting weekend ahead!

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