A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Just a House Sparrow

or two.

Back in Kent I hadn't seen a House Sparrow in my garden for a number of years. Some can be forgiven to believe Dunnocks might be sparrows, they were frequent visitors. 

It is true sparrows can dominate and I have quite a flock about my bungalow in North Yorkshire. I'm still getting robins, wrens, blackbirds and finches. 

The resident pigeons who live under my neighbour's solar panels compete with the crows and seagulls for the best vantage points on chimneys, aerials and rooftops.

What I haven't seen yet are jays, woodpeckers, owls and sparrow hawks all visitors to the London/Kent borders. Being so close to the countryside I do see many different birds in the hedgerows and guessing they don't need back gardens so much. 

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