Yin Yang

By laurie54

I'm in a GREAT mood today

Quote and  song today

"I could not survive without music."
-Laurie Cirrincione

 Love Takes Time  by Orleans 
I double-dog dare you to sit still during this song.  It's impossible

It was early and the light was soft and warm. Considering I posted a Gambel's quail a mere three days ago, I thought I would try to make today's more unique. Can I shoot for the stars and aspire to become the Bird version of Ansel Adams? Maybe?  Take a peek in LARGE

So far today I have gone out to breakfast and knocked off the following from today's list:
1. Take blood pressure
2. Drink water (I'm floating)
3. Had online therapy (1 hr)
4. Scheduled a chest x-ray
5. Scheduled A/C inspection
6. Taken photos
7. Set up external hard drive and backed up my laptop
8. Fresh food and water for birds

Two left, but not likely because it's 83°/28° with an 8mph breeze and humidity of 9%. Who the heck wants to be inside?  I am in a seriously freaking good mood today. Nothing but music all day (Sheeran, Mendez, Mars, Adele, Gaga....Motown, 70's, 80's) 

Catch the beat....don't understand how anyone can sit still while listening to music...any genre...even classical.

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