By Bom


Nice to see the lungwort flowers out. A wet and dull day until about 4pm, so mostly I've been re-watching Line of Duty before the new series starts tomorrow. 

Day 369 / Day 74 of Lockdown 3 / Day 13 of Step 1 of Roadmap out of Lockdown (for my record only)
UK deaths up 96 to 126,122 (revised basis), with 5,587 new cases (looks to have broadly stopped decreasing), 6,162 patients in hospital, 830 on ventilation and 496 new admissions. Poland has imposed new lockdown measures. Germany's Chancellor said they have 'exponential growth' in cases and will have to make us of the 'emergency brake'. 26.9m have now received their first dose of the vaccine and 2.1m have had their second dose. PHE says 95.1% of over 80s have had their first jab, 100% of 75-79s, 96.3% of 70-74s and 35.1% of under 70s, an excellent achievement. 711,156 doses were given across the UK on Fri, a new record, but supply problems mean this won't be maintained. Thousands of anti-lockdown campaigners marched in London, resulting in 13 arrests. It's been confirmed that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held without foreign fans and volunteers, meaning 900,000 tickets will need to be refunded - very sensible with the virus.  

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