Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


There I was, surveying the garden, I turned round and she was there with her pointy thing that takes pictures. I was waiting to see if any squirrels would visit the nut feeder nearby, they did not; frightened away by my human Mummy I suspect.
It seems me and Florence are on a diet, especially Florence who is now described as “barrel shaped”. She has some really special food, but I like what I am getting which is different. It seems because I have been running about outside during the winter, while Florence stayed indoors asleep on the sofa I have not put on very much weight.
Our Mummy has to fill in the census form today and we are not included on it. Apparently in the past some people did include their animals. My human Mummy saw an old census form the other day with a Mr Tom Cat on it and he had a wife! The census coordinator had crossed the names through, but evidently it was interesting, especially when you are doing genealogy; whatever that is.
Well it is not very warm today and the sun has not been shining, it was nine degrees Celsius at GMT noon so I am now off to sleep somewhere warmer.  

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