By SquirrelsEtc

Squirrel Blip Friday ...

... Chipmunk!

We have been seeing this little one almost everyday now in the front yard. I believe her to be a female as she doesn't venture too far from her burrow as of yet.  And she might have little ones to take care of down in the burrow.  At least I can only hope!

I was playing around with the remote app that came with this camera this afternoon to get my chippy pictures.  The app is called SnapBridge and I can use my smartphone (or a tablet) as a remote shutter release. You can even control the focus point. It uses either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to connect to the camera ... so very cool!

My little chippy was a little leery of the camera and tripod at first but she soon got over her fear and came out for some peanuts.  I was sitting a little ways away from my camera where I could see when she was within the camera frame. 

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