Life through the lens...

By ValC

Mousey, Mousey.

Looking out of the kitchen window just now, spotted our little mouse. First time this year. Darting out like lightening from under the alpine sink garden to eat up what the birds drop from the feeders.

A lovely warm spring day, and I feel so much better. I think the antihistamines tables are beginning to work and the rough red blotches all over my face and neck are not quite so red.
Still a huge scab on the end of my nose, and one by my eye at the top of my nose.
It is going to be weeks rather than days before I look anything like normal again.

However managed to go out for a short walk round the village and then had coffee sat in the garden. Felt great to stretch my legs.
Wore a visor, as instructed, to protect my face.

Again a big thank you for all your good wishes and kind comments.
Really does give me a lift.

Thinking of my mum today, which would have been her 115th birthday. Also the first day of Spring. Although I’m not sure if that has changed now.

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