Life through the lens...

By ValC

Springtime flowers

Another trip to Pinderfields Hospital. This time to have my dressings removed.
Took quite a long time as they were stitched on, and with a large crusty scab which had formed over both skin grafts, the nurse found it very difficult to remove the stitches.
Her patience, care, and gentleness was second to none. She did ask one of the junior doctors to assist as it was so difficult.
However after 40 mins al was done and the dressings removed.
More photos taken, and she asked for the registrar to have a look.. I now have a new light dressing on the end of my nose, and just as a precaution have some antibiotics to take.
Still not exactly what caused the allergic reaction. I told them Hannah thought it could have been the cleansing lotion they used to wash my face and neck before surgery, and they seemed to think she could be right.
The blotches are not quite as red, but my face is still very dry and flaky. Must now have very sensitive skin which I never had when younger.
Next appointment on Friday, to check how the healing is progressing.
I just can’t thank them all enough, especially in the present circumstances.

Also thanks to Mr C for all his patience too. x

The flowers a some of the ones Hannah brought me at the weekend.

Again many thanks for all your comments, and stars.

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