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Eye spy

Sunday today and the last of our online services as we open for worship again next Sunday, which is Palm Sunday. No processing with palm crosses permitted or coffee afterwards but we are in church which is good.
I had a turn on the exercise bike, I've worked out more or less how to make it work but I really don't like it, however the surgeon says it is low impact exercise for my knee and it's what I need.
I went for a walk this afternoon in Ravelston Woods. The daffodils I took a picture of and blipped 3 weeks ago are just now starting to come out. They've been very slow. Having said that, the majority of those in our garden have not opened yet either. I put in three different and unusual varieties last autumn and I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like. I was so busy looking at the daffodils in the woods and keeping out of the way of a couple walking towards me, that I failed to notice a stone sticking up. I did the 'falling down stagger dance' , much to their alarm, and landed on my front. Not much hurt except my dignity, I spent the rest of my walk removing twigs and leaves from my jumper. I've bashed my arm and bruised my knee but am fine really.
Back home I relaxed in the garden for a while and. Ali popped by briefly. We're trying to decide where to get a nice 'dine at home' meal from for the wedding day. We'll eat it in three separate places.
Chicken curry for dinner tonight, much the same as stir fry but with a different sauce, lol. Makes sure we get about three days worth of our 5 a day all at once.
We're going to watch another episode of Unforgotten tonight, then a long soak to ease my bruises before I put on yet another layer of arnica.
Oh, today's Robin kept an eye on me when I was making a spectacle of myself in the woods. I'd have said he was a youngster but it's the wrong time of year. He was beautifully brightly coloured and sang his heart out.
Keep safe and well everybody, more and more of my friends in their 50's are getting their blue envelopes which is great to hear.

Oh and I found the cushion this morning, it was in the hall cupboard — which was where I knew I had put it and somewhere that we had both looked at least twice!

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