By Ingleman

Hot Desking

When I worked for 'the bank' the staff were required to 'hot desk' which some of you will know, means they haven't got enough spaces to accommodate everyone. So more often than not one would sit at a desk where someone else had sat the previous day. This was often problematical inasmuch that some people were less than diligent in their housekeeping, and it was not unusual to arrive at work to find empty drinks cups, food wrappers and other detritus on the desk, together with food crumbs and other unidentifiable matter on the keyboard. It was not nice to start your day with a packet of wet wipes and sanitiser spray. I still have to hot desk now. Sometimes my 'desk' is the greenhouse, sometimes the workshop and often it is the grass, footpaths and borders. But now it is good honest dirt that I get under my finger nails and not someone else's snot.

My plant net app tells me that there is a 94% likelihood that the flower pictured is 'anenome blanda Schott'.. who am I to argue? 

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