One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Here we have forensic evidence of a dramatic breach of the water surface, possibly by a large aquatic mammal, or a meteorite, or a Ryanair 737 running out of kerosene on its approach to Dublin airport. 

In other news, or rather lack of actual news, I am contemplating cancelling my Irish Times online subscription. I mean, WTF? Dodgy people with foreign names growing dodgy stuff in allotments, birdies fighting over birdie num num, more foreigners - possibly Greek - throwing themselves into the harbour out of desperation when contemplating the waiting lists for the vaccination programme. Oh, and Gardai on bicycles ("on yer boike, Sarge"). Are these truly the Images of the Weekend?! Shaggin pandemic... 

I'm kidding. It was a happy surprise to see this shot in the Oirish Toimes this morning. Your man Stephen is almost as good as Finn or Mimi. They just did it with a much smaller camera and in a fraction of the shots (Finn 3, Mimi 1), while your man was using a Canon 1DX and shooting 14 frames per second. 

No my true ambition is to make the front page of the Bo'ness JOURNAL. 
I even the headline ready for them: 
French asylum seeker raped by bull seal in Dun Laoghaire harbour
I just need to invest in an underwater Go Pro 

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