A day in the life

By Shelling


The days are rarely what I expect them to be when I get out of bed in the morning. I looked forward to a lazy morning with a long breakfast but then my Iraqi friend called and was close to tears because she had failed to get her song up on Facebook and Youtube. She only has an iPhone to work with and it wasn't enough. I promised to help her and for various reasons it took a long time to complete it. Along side with that I was also working on completing another project involving quite a lot of editing and polishing. 

I was done around three in the afternoon and had spent all of the day on my bum in front of a screen. Suddenly I got an invitation from my garden, to bring a rake and a wheel barrel into the great outdoors and come for a visit. We had a nice time for an hour or two and I found a lot of green stuff poking up under all the dead plants from last year. The cranes came flying by, honking to me from above, it's certainly great to have them back again, we haven't seen each other since last autumn. 

I wish you all a good night. It's late and I feel I have accomplished some good stuff during the day. If any of you are interested in hearing the song I've been going on about for such a long time, here it is.

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