A day in the life

By Shelling


In the morning I completed yet two old projects that I have been working on, on and off during some time. It feels so good to let go of old burdens and make room for some new ones fill the space with air.

After lunch and a very enjoyable cup of coffee and an ice cream on the veranda in the warm spring sun, I felt I needed a wide horizon instead of the computer screen in front of me. The eastern coast of the island is the best choice for that kind of thing. Öland is tipping slightly into the Baltic sea on that side which means there are many sea-medows, as the closest bit of the coastline is called. This time of year they can be a bit flooded because of the tipping and this year also because of the masses of snow. I find this landscaper very peaceful and calming and you can do long walks here without meeting anyone. Most of the meadows are grazing grounds for the many cows and you have to be prepared they can be rather curious. Sometimes you also have to watch out for bulls but I've never had any problems, yet. See extra for the ancient landscape.

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