By feorlean

LD 364. Going from four to one

As I was leaving my study on Sunday after taking part in the BBC Politics programme it suddenly occurred to me that from the end of this week I would, effectively, be going from four offices in which I sometimes work, to one.

Presently in addition to working from my study at home I still have an office in St Andrews House and the constituency office in Dunoon which I have hardly been able to use in the last 12 months, plus my office on the fourth floor of the Ministerial block in Holyrood which I have been working from on occasion .

Each is very different and this is the view from the door of the one in the Parliament where I spent the afternoon taking part in a variety of video meetings including one to Belgium and one to Germany.  It was also where I heard the very welcome news about the complete exoneration of the First Minister by the independent  Hamilton inquiry and from where I did some interviews about the exciting launch today of the draft independence referendum bill.

The picture also meets another criteria - I have been trying to think of some views of the Parliament that even those on tours or receptions or visiting to give evidence will never see.  

The two ministerial floors are only fully occupied on sitting days , when a variety of civil servants will be in the Parliament with ministers , including our private offices.   This floor includes offices for the First Minister and Deputy First Minister so it gets very busy .

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