.............. but one under control across the field at the back of our house.
I love fire!

In the extras, a surreal evening view of the back garden after its first grass cut of the year - front, back and side took me just under four hours - luckily the garden bins collection is today.   Both wheelies are full.  

We also cut up a large part of a conifer that had split from the main trunk ...... hadn't noticed it before ...... it was around 12 feet long (11mtrs) and weighed a ton - as I dragged it across the garden all I could say in a breathless voice was " I'm nearly bl**dy 70, I'm to old for this sh*t "  -  Himself would have had no chance with his 'balancey' problems!!
Anyway, it's now all chainsawed up (" I'm a lumberjill and I'm okay, I drink all night and I work all day "   Some of you will remember that from Monty Python but with Jack instead of Jill) and disposed of properly.

That was my day.   Phew.

Smile for the Day:

One lumberjack says to another:

You know I can cut a log just by looking at it.

The other lumberjack says “that’s not possible”.

The lumberjack says “It may seem impossible but I saw it with my own two eyes.

Think about it ........... think about it .......


~ Anni ~

Uploaded early Tuesday - one day late.

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