The ...........

 ............ River Welland in Spalding, Lincolnshire.
The temperature reached a balmy 20C today - very pleasant as there was a slight breeze.

Smile for the Day:

A Catholic missionary is baptizing people in a river near an African village.
He pushes Mutombo under water and raises him again. Then he tells him:   " You are now Christian, and so you are no longer called Mutombo, you are now Joseph.    Oh and one more thing - you are no longer allowed to eat meat on Fridays. "

The next Friday, the missionary
 is walking through the village and sees Joseph sitting in front of his hut, chomping on a big piece of mutton.

He confronts him:   "Joseph, what did I tell you about eating meat on a Friday?   Now I see you sitting here eating mutton?!"

Joseph replies:  "But this is not mutton. I went to the river dipped it in the water and said: you are no longer mutton, you are now fish. "


~ Anni ~

This is Tuesday uploaded on Wednesday.

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