I didn't know people are still allowed to have bonfires these days....

This was one behind my garden in the garden backing onto mine, it made me choke and cough in my own house with all the windows shut, and I ended up with an asthma attack (  I hope that neighbour doesn't have another one too soon!

Then when I was coping my internet crashed right in the middle of an important job - it was a good ten minutes before it was working again :(

Tired after today, so I'm just relaxing and browsing the web for a new internet provider as the fees are going up per month quite high!  They say if you leave before 11th April then they won't charge for the change!

Recommendations of internet providers please (not virgin media, I swear I will never use them)...

In other news its one year since we were told that we had to stay at home due to COVID19.  I am incredibly lucky to have managed to move house during that time, and to get a better job through restructuring (hoping to confirm soon that my new role is permanent as I'm at the end of my probationary period).

Tomorrow is another day!

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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