Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948


I finished laying out the boxes of slides today, so here they are - it's rather scary! The first job is the arrange them in some sort of date order - the earliest I've come up with so far is 1965, but there must be some earlier than that! I'll have to be very strict - if I don't want to scan it then it goes in the bucket!  I've found loads of old cameras, lenses and various other photographic odds and ends - a nice job for the future!

Not very spring-like today. A hailstorm this morning which rather spoilt the potful of Chionodoxa I Blipped the other day, then a generally misty/rainy/windy day thereafter. I walked down town, but it wasn't a great day for photography tho' I did take a couple of boat pics, one of which I've put on as an extra - Ronja Superior at the ferry terminal.

Quote of the Day:

Imogen Cunningham - “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

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