By randomgirl

Caledonian Canal and Torvean Cemetery hill

I went somewhere different for a walk today. It was a bit unplanned and spontaneous, because the main reason for going into Inverness was to take my daughter in to school for the afternoon (she's being allowed to go in and use the Art studio while the teacher is there - a bit of extra time on top of the organised one day a week schedule at the moment)

I decided at the last minute to take the dog in the car with us too, as the school is very close to the path that takes you down to the Caledonian Canal. It made a nice change for the dog, and for me! Luckily the sun came out while we were there, which helped a bit with taking photos. It's not amazing views along there, but I've always liked the look of this prominent wooded hill as you walk beside it. The hill is home to a beautiful cemetery, that I love to explore and wander through. There are graves dotted through the trees and paths, right up to the top where there is a clearing and a big, grand collection of them.

When I googled the name of the hill and cemetery just to reassure myself I'd remembered it right, I straightaway saw a link to a blip about this place by a fellow by the name of Martinski....
I had thought to myself beforehand that Martinski would probably have got this place covered already ;)

Just added an extra that shows the other side of the canal bank a bit closer. On the left hand side there is a glimpse of some of the gravestones through a gap in the trees.

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