... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Norbury Hall Park: Kinglet's Crownlet

Tinier a tiara in large
Puppy eyes + nose lick
Goldcrest waving

Im and I went for a walk in the drizzle, and bumped into Mum and Harpo as they were heading home; Harpo was v. excited to see us, but Mum also showed us a his more biddable behaviour (sitting, raising a paw, and waiting), so we needn't worry about his training progress!
So, I photographed him (on best behaviour AND being goofy), then took more photos when Im and I accidently crept up on a goldcrest! When we first spotted it, it was too close for me to focus on with my long lens (1.4m?), then it flitted off and I struggled to get a clear view of it again when I wasn't too close...

Others here (or right from Meeting Harpo)

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