On Guard

Heaven knows I love my dog, but there are a few things about her I would willingly change -- most of all her proclivity for barking.  I fully understand that if you are a dachshund, you feel that it is your life's mission to alert the world to any number of dangers/intrusions/exciting events/suspicious noises by an ear-piercing volley of extra-loud barking, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

For some reason, Mabel has decided that the house phone (used for in house communication between the lobby and our apartment, or for calling from one apartment to another) represents some imminent threat to we occupants whenever it rings.  Therefore she springs into hyper defense mode and shrieks her fool head off until the phone is answered.  She has also figured out that 9 times out of 10, once the phone has rung there will be a ring on the doorbell within a matter of minutes (usually a delivery of some sort, or a visitor).

Here she is, between barking at the phone ringing and waiting for the ensuing doorbell.  And this is what came to the door!  Yes -- more things for Maine -- several trips worth by the looks of it!

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