Cottage Garden Abstract

In need of a break, Dana and I went to Cottage Garden today. The weather is nice, the place is better stocked after its winter semi-hibernation and there were a lot of people there who seemed to have the same idea we did. Everyone is dying to plant their tomatoes and were being told that the ground has to warm up a bit more before that is a good idea. 

I could have told them that our tomatoes have migrated from the garage to the front porch during the day and the living room at night, so that John can tend to them himself without having to go up and down the steps. They rest in some splendor on the somewhat rickety table that John made for the Christmas tree. I doubted that it would ever see service again but it turns out it is exactly the right size for this particular application. It isn't quite as elegant as some of the outdoor furniture we have ordered, but it isn't stuck in the Suez Canal either! When will we ever learn that skyscraper sized ships, whether they carry oil, furniture or holidaymakers are just not a good idea?

My photo today is a frilly, semi-rusted metal container...two of them actually, on a table, also metal and a bit rusted. Dana and I  both liked them but neither of us could figure out where we would put one, so I took a picture of it so I could continue to think about it. Once I got the it up on the screen I really liked the abstract qualities of the picture...texture and layering and intersecting circles without faffing. My favorite kind of abstract...straight out of the camera. Thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host this fun challenge.

A trip to Cottage Garden is always a pleasure even if neither of us bought anything....

Our neighbor, the only one we have left in our immediate vicinity,  just brought our last trash can up the hill...better yet, he offered to come and take them down the hill next week. What a prince!

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