Life through the lens...

By ValC


I can’t believe how much better I feel today.
So much stronger.
Had a good visit to Pinderfields,even though it was pouring down. Fortunately cleared for going in and again when I came out.
Karen, my nurse, is really pleased with how my face and nose are healing.
After cleaning everything she put a new dressing on the end of my nose. I am so pleased I can now get back to normal with sleeping and bending etc.
However still have to be careful, and keep my face well wrapped up if out walking.
The blotches and dryness on my face is gradually improving. Still very sensitive though.

I was going to take a photo in the garden today, but the wind is now quite cold, so an indoor photo of one of the tulips still looking lovely.

Looking forward to our evening takeaway from the Deli. Still no wine for me until I have finished the tablets. ....(saved a fortune!)

A beautiful sunny afternoon here.
Hope you all enjoy the weekend, and again many thanks for your support.
It will be nice when I can wear my glasses again asI find reading and commenting difficult.

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