By Bella888

Coffee and plants

This seems to be a new trend, selling coffee and plants. Know of three recent additions to our local high streets.

Had to go back to Southbourne and try the one that opened yesterday (I believe). Short queue outside, longish wait - no problem they are finding their way.

Ordered our flat whites, choice of blends, from 2 UK roasters. Not bad, except far too hot. Couldn’t even hold the disposable mug. OK some prefer it ‘hot’ (as does a a good friend), but there is a generally acceptable temperature served by the better cafés here. Anyway the young chap gallantly offered to remake it for me, and the second attempt was excellent.

Lovely selection of flowers there. If anyone wants to surprise me, this extraordinary orange poppy will do me fine.

We also enjoyed a pleasant walk on the Over-cliff there. Everyone had a dog or children in tow.

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