By Bella888

‘Tis the season

The Over-cliffs are bursting into bloom now. Such a beautiful time to stroll there. I’m useless at the names of flowers, so no idea what this delicate pretty white specimen is. Someone will know*???

*More knowledgeable blippers now suggest it is a Spring Starflower ( Tristagma Uniflorium).

Having a lazy day. We went out earlier, but I dragged my feet. Maybe dressed too warm. Difficult to know what to wear, especially when the wind’s blowing. Not that many people around, put of by the dull start.

Let’s see what happens this week. Lockdown rules slightly relaxed from Monday. 6 (or 2 households) can now meet out of doors. Outdoor sports allowed. And ‘stay at home’ changes to ‘Minimise travel’.

Today’s blip is for the first day of Miranda’s 2021 Wildflower Weekly Challenge,

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