By Ingleman

Finding The Edge

Satisfying day tidying my own garden after a heavy week doing other people's. Main task today was to edge the lawn as it had become very ragged over the winter and the edges had overgrown the patio and pathways. Whilst doing this laborious task I got to thinking about cricket. Those of you in the know will be aware England cricketers are engaged in a reputationally important year of fixtures against India. We (England) had a three test series recently in which we fulfilled our reputation by winning the the first match and losing the second two (and the series) in a manner that fulfills our reputational obligations perfectly. We are currently drawn against India in  a one day series of three matches, with the final match to be played to settle the series, one way or the other. I am so excited I nearly woke up. I also pondered the origins of some of the phrases and terms used in cricket. Phrases like 'a good length', 'paddle scoop' and 'dead ball'.. ( the mind boggles, I know what a dead leg is)... Also fielding positions such as 'short square leg'. 'silly point', 'fly slip' and 'silly mid on'.. Wonderful, eccentric and completely unfathomable. All I know is that today it was a sticky wicket, I found the edge but when rain stopped play we all went in for tea.

Thanks for stars and comments on yesterday's blip and I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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