Climate change is no joke

Today was going to be XR's UK-wide socially distanced Rebellion of One, where individual brave protesters sat in the road in different places and held up traffic. Our little group discussed the idea and weren't keen. Holding up cars is one thing but held-up cars holding up ambulances is another. We thought that annoying people isn't likely to halt climate change and that everyone has struggled through a very difficult year and doesn't need any extra hassle. So since our meetings are often full of laughter and we all emerge feeling better we decided to do the same on the streets: to lighten the mood and raise a smile.

By the time the national protest was cancelled we were committed so for an hour today we walked round town separately, each with our own chosen climate 'joke' on the front of a placard and all with the back as in extras.

The rest of the jokes are in extras too, picture taken as we gathered afterwards to muse on whether we'd made any difference at all, bar some smiles and three or four short conversations. It's very hard to know what to do. All suggestions gratefully received.

(Countdown minus 1: I turned down the kind offer of a fossil-fuelled lift and collected the final load from the old house on my bike trailer. I'm aware that that's not going to change anything either, other than to make me feel very slightly better. Then I crawled into bed and spent the afternoon asleep.)

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