By spannarama

Cloud cycle

Beautiful day today :)  The forecast suggested it wouldn't last all day, so I got out for a walk this morning, and saved my work for this afternoon.  Had a really lovely walk up to the heath, then after reading an information board decided to go and find the Pagoda house (which I'd known about for years but never actually seen).  Annoyingly, I seem to have managed to knock the shutter speed dial on top of my camera just before taking this shot and the photos of the Pagoda, so they're a bit noisy.  (4/1000ths of a second, and ISO 1600, not what I was intending!)

Called my Mum when I got back and had a nice catch up with her.  She'd just taken delivery of a beautiful big bunch of flowers from my nephew and his girfriend, out of the blue, just because.  Bless him, what a big heart he has :)  My other nephew moved into his new house today; bless him too.  

Tim spent much of today setting up his new laptop and is now very, very happy with it :)  I went through the applications I've received for work this afternoon - nice to have some un-pressured time to spend on the task.  Only got half-way through though so will have to do the same again tomorrow.  

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