By suehutton


I'd noted on Facebook that lambs were playing in the fields at Mount St Bernards Abbey, so that's where we went this afternoon. They're not newborn but still going to Mum frequently and then going to play. Interesting to see that they form groups to play only coming back to Mum when hungry. Same in the human world too.

Breezy but the temperature has climbed. Warm weather to look forward to for the next two days and we should lose the cloud too, hopefully.

The  monastery is a closed Cistercian order. The monks used to keep a herd of cows and earn income from the  milk, but the price of milk declined so they had to sell the herd. Instead, they sell a Trappist beer called Tynt Meadow. I'm assured that it's extremely good. Sadly, I can't drink it because it's not gluten free but you can buy from their shop. I love this quote from their website:

Beer should be liquid bread, not coloured water.
Belgian Trappist Saying

Incidentally, there's a programme about the abbey and the monks on BBC 4 TV tonight at 8 pm.

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