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By walkingMarj

A wild walk

After two days out walking, I planned a quiet day at home. I did pop out for a quick walk around the village after lunch. It was very windy, but also very mild and I had to remove my coat before long.

We were on the edge of the rain which was heavy in the west.

Quite a few people were out walking on the quiet roads around the village. I had a long chat to J and then met up with a villager with a friend who used to live in Sunderland. She was a nun in the convent where we have friends. I'm hoping she will come and see Mum to chat about old times when lockdown is lifted.

The lesser celandine is ubiquitous and I liked this little group in the corner of an old gate.

Much hilarity tonight when I used voice recognition for an email. Siri (Hey Siri) switched it on but then said that he could not switch it off again. I was writing a comment on someone's blip. When I looked down, I saw that the whole conversation Mum and I were having was being recorded!! I had to power off and on again to stop it.

I nearly forgot the big news. I allowed Oscar and Daisy to go out this morning. They took ages to go through the flap for the first time and then spent time in the garden. Oscar went to Margret (next door) to re-establish his territory. Daisy spent ages rubbing her face everywhere when she returned. We kept them in this afternoon. 

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