Not Just A Prelude.....

It is Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate the first announcement  of Jesus as a king.  We may celebrate it differently, but the announcement itself was important as a fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah regarding the coming of the Messiah.  The choir and orchestra presented special music and then we met a very special group of people who had heard about the great amount of damage done during the recent snow and ice storms and came to Texas to help wherever they could.  Our interim pastor, Dr. David Smith asked each of us to choose one of this special group to pray for all this week as they work here in our area.  I included the group picture in my collage so that you could see them and choose a person to pray for even if you weren't actually able to be there this morning. Ben led the congregation as they lifted their voices in praise. then David Smith spoke to us about the fact that Palm Sunday is more than just a prelude or preparation.  This first announcement was humble, the second announcement will be glorious and we can take comfort in the fact that His reign has already started!  Have you picked a person to pray for yet?  I have---and I told them so, this morning! 

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