By TrishaR


Just a few lines written on a piece of paper but it sums up how Ben’s mind works. He’s such a kind boy, thinks of others feelings and that’s such a great gift to have. Found it in a box in the attic this afternoon.

Didn’t go out at all today and not sure where the day went. Sent Shiela, where we got Breagha from and also her groomer over the years a link to the video I made for Breagha.

Sometimes if I’m busy I forget Breagha isn’t here and then I remember I won’t ever see that sweet face looking up at me again as I work away in the kitchen and my heart hurts. I must also write this to look back on and say the house is empty, like the happy soul of it has gone.. All these little things that Breagha did that made our life much happier. Goes without saying that big furry cuddles are a huge missing. Whenever a delivery comes there is now no crazy barking and throwing herself at the door. All these little things multiplied into one giant loss.

Extra is Ben and Breagha having a cuddle on the sofa.

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