By FrankS

All by Myself

It seemed to me that if the whole world could take selfies with famous landmarks in the background I should be able to do so...hmm. So as the theme for today's mono Monday hosted by isbi is Portraits I gave it a try.  I chose this spot as I'm on one of my favourite local walks, to and through Shottery, and the background is the one place that has been closed for over a year, and I'm looking forward to eventually reopening, Anne Hathaway's Cottage.  It's not so much the house I miss visiting, it's the gardens, arboretum and woods attached that I really miss.

This morning I made a Matar Paneer, substituting most of the ingredients to fit what I had in the fridge/freezer.  We had it for lunch after Ann came home from her first non-local walk she'd had in quite a while.  We're looking forward to now being able to drive to Worcester to see Emma (outside of course!).

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