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By Diane2104

Nuthatch #34

Yay - no more lockdown! (after 83 days)

We had our day all planned out - a trip to Yarrow in the morning for a walk and then the afternoon in the garden. As it happens, I had a call from my mum around 9am asking if I could take Dad to hospital to get his wound checked. It had been leaking badly over the past day or two and she was really worried about it. They were squeezed in at the plastics clinic and only had to wait a few minutes, so it didn't take as long as I expected - I was home by 11:30. The nurse said that it looked fine, redressed it, gave them some more dressings and said "come back in a week! They were very relieved to hear that the wound was doing well, there was no infection, even if Dad is in quite a lot of pain - he's got strong painkillers so is managing OK. 

We had an early lunch and then headed out to Yarrow for our walk - the gardening can wait another day or two. It was quite busy with people(we'd forgotten that the kids are off school as well), but easy to keep our distance. After a quiet start and a complete failure on the dipper front, we came across a pair of nuthatches building their nest in one of the boxes - they were almost too close to photograph, but lovely to watch them flitting about. We stood watching them for over half an hour.

We also came across the bank voles who are obviously very well fed by the locals, a wren gathering moss for its nest and there were quite a few toads in the small pond doing what toads do at this time of year(extras). 

Apologies for the lack of commenting. I'm really not finding the time for it at the moment. Thanks to all those that faithfully leave comments and stars for me - they are very much appreciated. 

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