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Backblipped 29.03.21

I was up and in front of the lap top by 10am as I was sitting in as an observer on an RPS Advisory day for the Licentiate.  

I was concerned I wouldn't last till 3pm but the time passed quickly and I really enjoyed seeing the potential Licentiate panels and hearing the wonderfully supportive and very constructive feed back.  I really do feel there's been a bit of a sea change at the RPS over the last couple of years.  The whole organisation feels friendlier, more open, supportive and keen to help photographers be the best they can be.  It is very encouraging.

After dinner we had a FaceTime call with this little lady.  She really is an absolute joy.

First of all she insisted on showing us her new bright pink trainers by lifting her leg a high as she possibly could.  They were on the wrong feet but that didn't deter her!  And she was keen to show us what was left of the manicure her mum gave her earlier in the week.  She was also wearing her new Partick Thistle Top (an Easter pressie from Auntie Gail). Her dad takes her to a football club on a Sunday morning where she's learning ball  control and gets to play in a game.  Her skills are impressive.  She was the only girl for a while but another little girl has joined.  

We were howling with laughter when her dad appeared with a chocolate pudding and she wanted some but was told it was too late.  She immediately showed us her sore knee, insisting the only thing that would help it was chocolate pudding!  She's not daft!  lol  

Finally, as she became tired, it was lovely to see her snuggling under her blanket I crocheted for her at Christmas.  I love that she loves it :-)

I really can't wait until we can see her.  I feel we have missed so much over the last year.  She's gone from being a baby to a little girl.   Plans are afoot!  :-))

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