An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Triple celebration...

First of all, it's officially British summer time!  Yay!  Clocks forward an hour (we remembered :-) and summer weather to boot.  Wonderful.

Secondly, thanks to David working hard on getting the summer house sorted over the last week, we were able to declare the Gin Palace open for the Summer 2022 season (see extras :-) and the first of many gins (over the course of the summer, not this evening lol!) was enjoyed.  

Thirdly, Mother's Day, and I celebrate this young man and his light-up-my-world smile. I know Mother's Day (or Mothering Sunday, which I think is it's correct title) is supposed to celebrate mums, but this is the lad who made me a mum and I thank my lucky stars every single day that he's mine.  

I was summoned to his living room just before dinner to be greeted by this  beaming smile.  That is the best Mother's Day gift ever and I would be more than happy with that alone,  but I also received a gift bag that contained a charm for my pandora bracelet, Lindt strawberry chocs, an engraved gin glass, a little china dish with silk flowers, and two little heart hanging ornaments declaring me Best Mum!    
He was so excited as I opened each little parcel and delighted by my delight.  Then I asked if he wanted me to stay and watch Grease with him and was told no thanks!  hahahahahaha!  What a lad!

Dinner of venison steak in a red onion, mushroom and red wine jus with Dauphinoise potatoes.  I am a very spoiled mum indeed :-))

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