Same flower, different day

I have been pretty floppy today, but managed to get two activities done for my latest module. This was one of them, working with my camera tethered to Lightroom. Apart from the stupidly short lead I had to tether with, it was really good fun. I'll definitely be purchasing a longer one for future shoots. It was a real time saver, not having to upload the images manually. And I just realised that the keywords from Lightroom have automatically loaded as tags here! That's really cool.

I have just had two hours of parent/teacher interviews via Zoom. I'm exhausted and my throat is pretty sore from talking. Same again tomorrow night. Way to kill off your teachers during the last week of term!

I did some training with Abe. He was amazing at a new trick I'm teaching him when we were in the garden. Once we got inside and I tried to show MrB, Abe looked at me as if he had no idea what I was asking him to do! Little monkey.

I'm looking forward to an early night.


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