Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Surprised to see the gates at Cambuskenneth Abbey open today. Then I noticed this gang. I don't think they were there legitimately as the farmer was trying to round them up. The Abbey has been closed since September 2019 when it shut for the summer season. Of course it didn't open as it should in April 2020 and it's still closed. It was probably highly illegal for me to sneak in but I only stayed long enough to snap the sheep.

Lovely day. Not the heatwave that seems to have arrived in the south but mild and dry. Some sun and a light breeze. Great for growing things. The potting shed is full of seeds and I need to do some moving on to bigger pots.

Not today though as my time is pretty well spoken for. I've been up since before daylight doing bits and pieces of admin and I have a couple of weighty jobs to do later.

But first coffee and a zoom chat with friends.

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