Life through the lens...

By ValC

Lesser celandines.

Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling,  everythings going my way.

It certainly has for our first day out since the last lockdown.
We always start and finish with a drive out our Happy Place,
Naburn Locks.
and a walk along the river.

What we didn't expect was the river and locks to be flooded.
We certainly got a surprise.
The first extra is a collage of today's visit.
Including my first butterfly. A noisy Greylag goose. The distant sighting of a deer. Horse chestnuts beging to burst into flower. Daffodils flowering in the river where it had flooded the bank, and a view of the locks, completely covered by the water.
If you look at the second collage you will see what it should look like.

Firstly a walk along the river bank.  Strangely the path was dry. Which makes me think the rain was higher up in the Dales, and the water has been brought down stream from the rivers Nidd and Swale.
A picnic lunch in the sunshine was a delight.
Heard a curlew and our first chiffchaff..

The peace and quiet was just bliss, and really boosted our spirits.

Needless to say I wore my sunhat and a face mask for protection.

However as it is Tiny Tuesday I decided on these tiny celandine flowers. Again growing in the flood water.  They reminded me of Monet's waterlilies.

A perfect day, with a temp. of 24C. 

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