Life through the lens...

By ValC

Squirrel antics.

Spotted this morning at breakfast time.
A real acrobat. Certainly provided me with an early blip.

However as it is Mono Monday “ portrait “ I have put a selfie on as an extra. Not a very flattering photo at the moment!

A visit to Pinderfields this morning to have my dressing changed. All healing well. Just taking it’s rime. It’s only two weeks since my op but seems such a long time ago.
Next appointment on Thursday when I will be seeing Sister Walker.

Such a beautiful day. Temp up to 19c as we were driving home.
Still a slight breeze in our garden, but did a bit of pottering after lunch.
It felt soooo good to be back outside in the garden.

Hope you are all enjoying your first taste of freedom. One step at a time.

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