Life through the lens...

By ValC

“How does your garden grow?”

Well as you can see my sister ‘s garden grows very well.
Like me she loves gardening, and is fortunate to have both a greenhouse and potting shed.

I went along with Mr C to Halifax for our click and collect from Sainsbury’s.
Then called in to sisters to return the shepherd’ pie dish.
I stayed in the car and sis came out for a very brief chat. A quick one as the wind was bitterly cold. It was lovely to see her after such a longtime.
Hope to be able to go for a walk together soon.

Feeling much better today after Mr C washed my hair. Surprising what a difference it makes.

Back to Pinderfields tomorrow to have my dressing changed.

We had some sad news this morning.
Our dear friend’s mum passed away early this morning.
She is in our thoughts and prayers.x.

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