By Ingleman

Aerial Photography

Had a very physical day, sweeping bark chippings off the drive and back onto the border where they belong. (I think we have a Bower bird taking up residence) Mowing the lawn, watering borders and pots ( everything seems so dry) and generally tidying up. The jackdaws are back in the chimney but we don't use the open fire in the house any more so I am feeling philosophical and leaving them be.
Taking a welcome break with tea and biscuits on the patio and watching the birds on the roof. Rather liked this silhouette and felt it would serve my blip purposes nicely.
In case anyone thought I was being obtuse on yesterday's Brain blip, it was a portion of carrots in a steamer. Thank you for all the kind and sympathetic comments. And yes, the scan did reveal a brain which surprised my family and friends enormously.
Unforgotten... The writers have no sense of humour... What a dramatic and moving conclusion. Can't wait for series 5.....

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