Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A goodly crop?

Leeks or "Wurrums"?  I decided to harvest both a few Leeks and a bit of vitamin D while I was at it.
By a curious coincidence I took Leeks from a scatter of three beds.  In each bed I saw a huge worm; which I accused of being Lumbricus terrestris - until - I looked it up, where I found:-
"Lumbricus rubellus is a species of earthworm that is related to Lumbricus terrestris. It is usually reddish brown or reddish violet, iridescent dorsally, and pale yellow ventrally. They are usually about 25 millimetres to 105 millimetres in length, with around 95–120 segments. Their native distribution was mainland Europe and the British Isles, but they have currently spread worldwide in suitable habitats."
NOW, I haven't a clue what I was looking at.
Particularly as I am used to this kind of thing from them
(Edited & abridged):-
"L. terrestris is a deep-burrowing earthworm, that is it builds deep vertical burrows and surfaces to feed, as opposed to burrowing through the soil for its food.  It removes litter from the soil surface, pulling it down into the mineral layer, and deposit casts of mixed organic and mineral material on the soil surface.  It lives in semi-permanent burrows and can reside in or escape to deeper soil layers."
NOT swanning  about near the surface and lurking in my Leek roots.

Braised leeks and bacon on the menu today or tomorrow.

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One Day (Today) and counting.

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