Another Busy Day

Ruby and Eric day today (Mondays and Wednesdays) and it was gorgeous again so a lot of time in the garden. Picture of the play park which is what our garden turns into.
After they left, I took Jonty for a walk to a park where we go infrequently. It has a lot of playing field area for football, rugby and cricket so gets lots of people visiting. This does mean the area outside the gates get churned up by the people with their big people carriers and 4x4's leaving a muddy puddle. Jonty normally walks around puddles but not today, he walked straight through it, hence the muddy legs. He went into the bath when we got home.
The Maltese flag is flying outside our house today, in place of the usual Union Flag, in honour of their 'Freedom Day'. The Maltese islands have been invaded and occupied throughout history right from Phoenician times. History of Malta - About Malta | Visit Malta. I was stationed there (RAF Luqa) from September 1972 to January 1974.
The final photo is GG (Great Granny, or F.M.i.L. to me) with Eric. She's browsing through her latest copy of the RAF Changi Association magazine. Many people know Changi as the fabulous Singapore international airport, it was also the main hub for the RAF Far East Command in pre 1980 days. I was along the Johore Straits at RAF Seletar in 1969-1971.
Betty got married in Changi in 1951 where she was serving as a WRAF at Air Command HQ Malaya, which was disbanded in 1957.
I closed the RAF Seletar communications centre in early 1971 and returned home on the day the UK officially changed to decimal currency, 15 February.

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